PT-100 / PT-160 Intelligent All In One Solar Street Light

PT-100 / PT-160 solar street light is with patent design to make installation and maintaining more economical, it can equip JINSDON APP Bluetooth control or JINSDON IOT LoRa intelligent monitor&control system.

*All-in-one design to make installation easily

 *Science and patent design, ultra-thin shape to anti-wind level 70m/sec

 *MPPT charge controller with 12m detection microwave sensor

 *CATL brand LiFePo4 battery to expand lifespan to 8years

 *Monocrystalline silicon solar panel with 19~20% efficiency

 *High Lumen efficiency 160lm/w with USA Bridgelux or Philips LED

 *Individual battery box to make replacement easily

Model: PT-100 / PT-160 Price 2200usd

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